Monday, May 13, 2013

Bitcoin and litecoin wallet

I have started an effort to port Litecoin and Bitcoin QT wallet to Haiku. I think it is possible. I just have to first compile the perquisites, as some of them don't have Haiku patches or the versions that exist are outdated.

For now I have found that Boost library, Miniupnpc and db-4.8 are compiling but I have to write patches for some of them. Next step should be the QT interface.

This is really exciting, since my c++ is really rusty, so I am refreshing my memory and learning a few new things in the process.

If this works out and I have some free time during June, I will try to help with the port of QTWebKit 2.3

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Return with a twist...

I have just found time to install Haiku Alpha 4.1 on my spare laptop and it is mostly working. I have internet access and it boots in 9 seconds to the desktop. Still no sound, but everything else works albeit with some problems.

So, for my first challenge I compiled a Bitcoin/Litecoin cpu miner with gcc 4. You can find it on BeBits and on Haikuware.

Bitcoins and litecoins are a distributed currency found on the Internet. It is "mined" by solving complex mathematical problems using GPUs and CPUs.

More news soon...