Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Return with a twist...

I have just found time to install Haiku Alpha 4.1 on my spare laptop and it is mostly working. I have internet access and it boots in 9 seconds to the desktop. Still no sound, but everything else works albeit with some problems.

So, for my first challenge I compiled a Bitcoin/Litecoin cpu miner with gcc 4. You can find it on BeBits and on Haikuware.

Bitcoins and litecoins are a distributed currency found on the Internet. It is "mined" by solving complex mathematical problems using GPUs and CPUs.

More news soon...


Giovanni Mugnai said...

Hi Vassilis, nice to see you again, now in the Haiku's world :-)
I'd like to ask you some things; how can i contact you? I don't see a way to send you an email (also on your GooglePlus profile).

Best regards.

Vassilis Perantzakis said...

just contact me at: vaspervnp at yahoo dot gr

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