Sunday, October 18, 2009

First impression.

One of the first things I look into on an alternative OS is how it supports my language. You see Greek is not a standard Latin lettered language. It has it's own alphabet and accenting system. Well, Haiku does that well, although the application to change keymaps on the fly was not included in Alpha 1. You can find it here and it is called KeymapSwitcher with the latest version when this blog post was written being this. Just unzip it in /boot and make a shortcut for /boot/common/bin/KeymapSwitcher on the Desktop Applets folder (perhaps that should have been already in the zip file).

Actually Haiku's input server is better than the original BeOS one, which handled the dead keys very badly when having to do with two byte characters such as Greek. Very well done guys...


Rophe said...

Hello V and Co.,

My BeOS5 PE has a dedicated partition on a Cyrix MII-333 and 256M RAM.

Netpositive will surf to ip address but does not resolve dns despite all the info in Network and perfect ping in terminal all the way to dns server.

My alpha box would not accept the beos from floppy or on dedicated partition. Right I do not recall but I think it did go up from CD then when I installed to hd it would not boot from GRUB. I can boot to XP and Suse 11 from the Alpha Box. I am ready to try Max and new haiku.

I think this is a very exciting adventure and appreciate this blog immensely.

harada57 said...
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