Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some news

I am now preparing 2 systems to continue development of BeOS Max on them. Work will restart this week. Main focus will be to add some new drivers and test them and also finish the Max Updater so I can update and install new software with it.

As you may know the CUPS port has been restarted by other developers, so I am not going to go on with it (I got to a dead end anyways). Hopefully my few notes on that have helped them.


Raekius said...

This is a great news,

Your work is fantactic, i love BeOS but i need your updates for it. I think that you can ask for help to the community, because much people love beos. I know some webs where you can ask for help. If you want i can write them.

Thank you very much for your work friend.

Urias said...

Nice :)

Vasper, can I exchange some emails with you regarding some questions about running BeOS Max in VMWare? I have it installed, but I'm experiencing mouse issues that even get worse when using the VMW tools on BeBits. I must be doing something wrong.

martini said...
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martini said...

Do you plan to join forces with the Haiku Project ?? (

umccullough said...

Ok, so I will just follow up on my previous comment:

VMware Server 1.0.x does *not* work properly with BeOS Max and the vmw_mouse add-on. When I took the vm and ran it under VMWare Player 2.0.2 (on the same Windows XP machine) it ran like a dream.

In other words - VMWare Server 1.0.x is not suitable for running BeOS R5.

Luis said...

Thanks Vasper for reopen BeosMax.
Luis Muñoz.

andreaorru said...

Thank you Vasper, keep up the good work

Luis said...

What is the mater one month without news, some girl o long party maybe.

Luis Muñoz.

[ivan quirino] said...


A driver that could be included in BeOS Max is the Via Rhine driver.

I had problems with the driver from and, I've installed it normally, but how do I configure it? In Prerences -> Network there's nothing related with the rhine NIC. Can you help me to configure networking? My NIC is the Via Rhine II.

And how do I make the BeOS Max taskbar appear in the upper right corner, like Haiku's?


pspbox68 said...

Animo vasper expect news.
Luis Muñoz.

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