Saturday, March 17, 2007

A few steps forward.

Did some cleaning up of the system today, updated the default bookmarks for Firefox 2.0 and added some feeds. It would be interesting to know what feeds the BeOS community follows more (even outside the confines of Haiku/BeOS) so I can include them, so don't be shy and comment.

One major update I did today was the inclusion of USB Patches so more usb devices will work.


returningstudent said...

I'm new to BeOS so forgive me if some of my questions sound dumb but I had a couple of questions: When you're finished with your update, will you have a live CD that's installable - or maybe 2 (a live & an install)? Also, will it be an straight .iso file (that is easy for us to install !) ?

Also, will Firefox support Java & Flash under BeOS ??

Thanks for what you're doing with this !

Vassilis said...

The CD is both a live cd and an installable one. Unfortunately BeOS doesn't have a working Java implementation and Flash is only up to version 4.

Efforts however are on the way by various programmers, together with Haiku (the open source implementation of BeOS) to bring both those to the platform. Flash 7 maybe possible by the time Max V4 is out, but not Java or the latest Flash.

eightbit said...

Thank GOD for including the usb patches, I thought I had them right, but I was mistaken, Care to walk through how you did it? Also how complete is max 4, 30%, 40%?

sm said...









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