Thursday, March 22, 2007

First impressions...

Anyone care to comment on Max V4 beta 1? Have you installed it? How did you download it (link or torrent?). Do you have a mirror site for it? Is it missing something important or something you use every day?

Post comments here. Later I will prepare a special forum for discussing V4 b1 and post the link here.

Fire away...


eightbit said...

It's great! A couple of things though, I noticed the usb patches are installed but why not the usb module (for flash drives and such).
Also some applications share the same purpose, for example, couldn't VLC take the place of BeOS's media player. This would also make the download smaller, but allow the same functionality. Also how about installing supertux and frozen bubble - both high quality games that work on BeOS. Maybe a vote on which games, apps should come standard? But on another note a big THANK YOU for including YAB. Again thanks for taking time out of your life for the beos community.


Vassilis said...

You are right about Media player and VLC. I should remove the beos player and make vlc the standard. Probably should change the name of vlc in the menu to Video/Media player too, so it is more verbal.

Nice thought about games. :-) I am preparing a few things my self right now about games, so we will have a chance to discuss this further.

About the module, I didn't include it mostly because I heard there were a lot of crashes and it made some beos systems unbootable. I will test it my self on real hardware and if it works or at least doesn't cause this problem on any of my machines, I will add it too.

Osbox68 said...

Thanks vasper today i see the new beso beta, u hope today start the download and finish tomorrow at mid day, i think post a new coment on sunday morning.
thanks vasper.

Bryce said...

I love it. I have been using zeta 1.2 for almost a year now and going back to r5 feels so fast, especially the menu. Great distro. I need to try out the live cd option you have in there. That is a cool feature. burned without a hitch. I tried to plug in my Sandisk Sansa MP3 player and got an imediate crash. I'll mess around with it though. Only thing that I really see missing is the usual things that go across all beos/zeta type things "flash, java, word processor, for me no skype is a killer" but all in all I love it

Serpentor said...

I am still stuck on exactly what to burn. There are 22 files in the distro and some of them are labeled so those are easy to figure out. There are others that are labeled but I am not sure which one I should use. What are all the different files for? Could you add this information to the readme1st.text file? I think I will install Max v4 on an old Dell laptop I have laying around so I guess I will burn the MaxV4b1_Intel.cue file and cross my fingers to hope that is the correct one. I will post more once installed.

sm said...