Monday, March 26, 2007

Continuity of magnussoft Zeta

It seems that Magnussoft was expecting Zeta to bring profit very quickly. I don't know how much they have invested, but the short period they had financed Zeta for wasn't enough to bring more sales. Features like Multiuser and a couple of games are fine, but it needs more to get out there.

Fortunately they appear to be listening to the community as the post on the Zeta-OS site says. We will wait and see. Perhaps the horse isn't dead yet. Perhaps it is just a tired little pony :-)


Emil said...

Hallo Vasper,

I'd like to address my ideas regarding BeOS/Zeta to you and to people who may read your blog:

This idea came to me when Be first got in trouble and had to sell the rights to Palm.

If we all want a modern, working BeOS/Zeta/Haiku-OS - then why not start a campaign on the net, collect money and buy the rights from whoeveer has them now.

Later release Zeta under some open source license and let the community construct a good OS using sourcecode from Zeta and Haiku ?

Who else likes this idea, and can contribute with experiences in this ?

I'm a medical doctor and have some computer experience.
What we would need - are people who have some experience in public relations, and who may have participated in a similar project.

The first things that come to my mind are:
1. Find out who holds the rights
2. Estimate under what kind of future open source licenses it would be possible to put Zeta (maybe change the name back to BeOS )
3. Negotiate with the rights owner about a possible price.
4. Open a foundation that dedicates to the project (maybe similar to Mozilla)
5. Start a Campaign on the net, including bloggingsystem, money donation.

Who can contribute to this idea?

Best Regards

Emil Ladar

David said...

I'd support it in every way I can. There's life in BeOS yet and I hate to see it go to waste thanks to bad luck with investors and a lack of developers.

I can't afford to buy the source but I'd be happy to assist in any other way I can. Advocating it, writing apps for it and just doing fun stuff with it.

Emil said...

This sounds very good.
Now my question goes to Vasper:
which place in the beos/haiku/zeta-world would be the best to publish this idea so that it gets a maximum audience?

Maybe on or on ?

By the way - I live in Germany and also not too far away from Magnussoft (some 100km). So driving to them and having a talk shouldn't be that difficult.

eightbit said...

Wouldn't the best idea be to give support to haiku? I like the money campaign idea - but why not do this for haiku instead.

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